Before searching for a Cape Coral chiropractor, it’s a good idea to understand how neck pain works. A number of things contribute to neck pain—and each factor deserves direct attention. Your neck is comprised of many vertebrae. Each extends from your skull to the upper torso. This length has cervical discs which absorb the shock between your bones.

The ligaments, bones and muscles inside your neck not only support your neck—they give it motion. Thus, even a little inflammation can cause neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

While inflammation and injury are likely to cause neck pain, a few other factors can lead to a sore neck. Before seeking neck pain relief in Cape Coral, check them out.

Acute Neck Pain – Acute neck pain is caused by strained soft tissue. It can be caused by whiplash, stiff muscles from sleeping and even minor ligament damage.

Chronic Neck Pain – Chronic neck pain, meanwhile, is caused by ongoing stress done to the seven vertebra segments. It can be symptomatic of a deeper problem—one which needs ongoing neck pain treatment in Cape Coral.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain, or even neck stiffness, can be caused by a few things. In most cases, it’s caused by muscle tension and strain. This can be the result of:

  • Bad posture
  • Jerking the neck during exercise
  • Working at a desk too long
  • Sleeping in a bad position

Injuries can also cause neck pain. Pain can also be the symptom of a heart attack, Meningitis or other inflammatory diseases.

How to Prevent Neck Pain

You’re in luck: Neck pain is preventable. In fact, a lot of people prone to neck pain successfully avoid it. Make sure your head is on a level surface when you sleep. Walk with good posture, and always take care in securing yourself when driving.

It’s also a good idea to seek neck pain relief in Cape Coral if you feel any pain at all. Chiropractors can treat neck pain with a slew of options, ranging from pain medication to lumbar punctures.

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