Experience Natural Relief From Sciatica Pain With Our Cape Coral Chiropractor

Cape Coral chiropractor Dr. Frank P. Casdia, DC meets many men and women struggling with sciatica symptoms. While common, this condition is often misunderstood.

What Is Sciatica and What Are The Causes?

Sciatica is a syndrome caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. This is a large nerve that exits on both the right and left side of your spinal cord in the lower back region. Like other nerves, your sciatic nerve can become compressed by a herniated or bulging disc, a narrowed or misaligned joint space, or more rarely a tumor or bony cyst.

Sciatica is common in people who are: highly active (e.g., physically demanding jobs), overly sedentary, obese, or smokers. Genetics may play a role, as well as the presence of a past lower back injury. Anything that puts abnormal or excessive strain on the lower back area (including poor posture, impaired foot/spinal alignment, repetitive movement, or acute trauma) can contribute to sciatic nerve compression.

Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica

Though the originating source of sciatica is within the low back, low back pain is often one of the less problematic or less common symptoms (though it certainly can and does occur). Perhaps the most troubling symptom is severe sciatic nerve pain that shoots down the buttocks and into the leg. This can feel sharp, shooting, burning, stabbing, or radiating, and may also present with numbness, tingling, or even leg muscle weakness. Pain is often worse after prolonged bouts of standing or sitting.

Additional symptoms of sciatica include stiffness in the back, reduced range of motion in the hips, decreased exercise tolerance, and (understandably) psychological stress.

What to Expect from Sciatica Treatment in Cape Coral, FL

When you come to see us for help managing your sciatica symptoms, you can expect to be provided with a custom treatment plan based on a thorough total body examination by our chiropractor. The following treatments tend to be the most effective for our patients with sciatica:

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Spinal decompression
  • Corrective exercises and physical rehabilitation

These complementary services can heal your inflamed and irritated sciatic nerve tissue, reduce or remove the source of nerve compression, alleviate your symptoms, and prevent recurring problems. We don’t simply mask the problem—we seek to resolve it and promote full body wellness.

Do You Think You’re Struggling with Sciatica? Talk to Our Cape Coral Chiropractor for Help & Healing

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