Auto Accident Injury Treatment With Midpoint Chiropractic In Cape Coral, FL

No one wants to have an auto accident injury. Unfortunately, accidents are a fact of life. Most of us will be in at least one auto accident in our lifetimes. Fortunately, you have Midpoint Chiropractic in Cape Coral, FL that’s here to help!

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Whiplash is probably the most common auto accident injury. Whiplash can even occur at low speeds. Symptoms aren’t always immediate: They usually show up within 24 hours, but can sometimes take 2-3 days.

Spinal cord and back injuries are common–and can be very debilitating.

Head and brain injuries are also common auto accident injuries. These injuries don’t occur just from the force of being struck: the brain can actually be slammed into the skull from abrupt stops. If you blacked out during your wreck, even for half a second, this is very likely what happened to you.

How You Could Have an Auto Accident Injury and Not Even Know It!

Some injuries may not show up for a few days. Since the cause and effect are so far removed, many victims of careless driving don’t even know that the pain they’re feeling was caused by the accident!

Whiplash is one of many injuries that may manifest with no pain for 24 hours or longer. These types of injuries, when left untreated, can turn into severe long-term pain. Eventually, therapy can become very long, involved, expensive–and painful.

How Frank P Casdia Jr, DC, Your Cap Coral Chiropractor Can Help

A good chiropractor can find these problems, and often start treating them before they even start to hurt. Conversely, since some injuries may take a while to show up, you could unknowingly be making them worse. That’s why you should see a chiropractor as soon as you can after your accident. A good qualified chiropractor will be able to tell if anything is out of alignment or otherwise wrong that might start hurting in a few days. Not only will he or she start setting things right, but he or she will also have some good advice on things you should and should not do in order to heal–and so that you don’t inadvertently make the problem worse!

There are a variety of things we can do to help you. The most common place to start is with spinal readjustment. Not only does it leave you with better posture and fewer imbalances, it will also improve your blood flow, which is important to help the injured areas receive more oxygen. A readjustment can also help encourage your body’s natural healing processes. It can also help any herniated or bulging disks that you may have.

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There are many other techniques that can be performed after an auto accident, depending on your individual needs. If you’ve been in an accident, call Midpoint Chiropractic Center now at [dm-phone, or visit our office at 3013 Del Prado Blvd S Suite 8, Cape Coral, FL 33904.